The Huge Flaw in Design of Digital Media

This is the default of the “new tab page” on Google Chrome for Android:

What you can see is that next to the necessity of a search bar it also provides frequently visited sites and news articles below. And this type of design, at least in my opionion, is deeply flawed. Chrome is not the only browser doing this, though. Why?, you might ask. Let me elaborate a little:

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Avatar – The Rise of Kyoshi Review

As a teenager I eagerly watched Avatar – The Last Airbender as soon as new episodes came out. The magic system, the world building, the character growth, everything about it was special and still holds a dear place within my heart.

This March I watched the entirety of the show with my significant other (and of The Legend of Korra) and I realized how unique and special the series still is. When I figured out that a novel about earth Avatar Kyoshi does exist, I was hyped. And let me tell you, the book does not let you down.

The premise is that the earth kingdom fails to find the next incarnation of the Avatar for seven years. And when they do, it’s Yun (not Kyoshi = not the Avatar). Kyoshi in the meanwhile escapes the struggle she felt since the day her parents abandoned her when she was five years old, when air nomad Kelsang and earth-bending master Jiantzu give her a job as a servant within the mansion of the “Avatar”.

The story that unfolds from here is thrilling, unexpected in a lot of ways and offers lovely characters and a new glance into a fictional world I believed I knew every corner of.

Should you read it? Yes.

5/5 Stars.

Adjusting to Lockdown-Mode

Well, here I am, within a disastrous event which nobody could have imagined. And the worst part is, it is not even as exciting as books, tv shows and comics told it to be. We are in a global health crisis and it is tremendously boring.

It‘s not that I don‘t have enough things to do. My semester at my University started online. But the real struggle of this pandemic is adjusting oneself to a new lifestyle.

I struggle really hard with this. I basically pacified myself with loads of news, which made my mood significantly worse. Which is why I stopped watching so much news and started reading prose. But my back started hurting.

I‘m not quite sure what I really want to tell you. These are the most random thoughts I‘ve put together for a blog post. But I think a lot of you out there have similar issues right now.

To not leave you with this mess of a thought process, I will share some things I want to do in the upcoming week that might make my life more structured:

Taking a walk twice a day (morning and afternoon

  • Taking a walk twice a day
  • Doing five keystone habits for at least 10 minutes per day (e.g. guitar practice)
  • Writing down some thoughts (maybe even as a blog post? Who knows…)

Well. Have a good time and I feel ya!

Do-Not-Disturb Mode = Freedom

Digital Detox is a buzz word that is supposed to help you get your habits checked in place. Problem with it is that after you’re done, you go back to the service and slowly the algorithms and notifications creep back into your life until it is necessary to do it all over again. It almost feels like the German title of “Edge of Tomorrow”: Live, Die, Repeat. I’m fed up with it. So I thought really hard (about half a minute) and turned that buzzing vibrating piece of glass on do-not-disturb mode. And gone is everything evil. Continue reading

About Regaining Focus

Ambitions and motivation are the fuel that start our engines of progress. Initially, we set course to new destinations and aspire to become the person we always wanted to be – or at least a better version. But life doesn’t work linear. Over time our excitement decreases. And often, life throws stuff at us to block our path. Doesn’t matter if it is about the death or illness of a close friend or family member, falling in love, breaking up, being stressed out by work/college/people/things. The result is still the same. We lose focus.

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Phone-Only For A Week – What I Learned

 I used to work hard to not use my phone by any means. But last Monday I started a challenge which was contradictory to my ambitions. Why should I not use the most brilliant idea of the 21st century: A pocket computer which is always with you. I asked myself: Do I need anything besides the phone in my life? Here’s what I learned:

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Out Of Touch [Short Story]

I can still remember when Jessica and I met for the first time back in 7th grade. She was just as shy as I was and our classmates tried to pick on us. She was the helping hand I needed and I did everything I could to give back accordingly. During our school career we were like peanut butter and jelly, Spongebob and Patrick, Ash and Pikachu; no one could stop us. Jessica and Joanne, the Double-J’s. I was in love with photography and Jessica was the perfect model. People didn’t like her because not only was she humble, sweet and innocent but also the most beautiful girl out there. We always dreamt of our own little advertisement agency. She was supposed to hire models or model herself and I was the artist who gave our creations the life and depth.

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