Adjusting to Lockdown-Mode

Well, here I am, within a disastrous event which nobody could have imagined. And the worst part is, it is not even as exciting as books, tv shows and comics told it to be. We are in a global health crisis and it is tremendously boring.

It‘s not that I don‘t have enough things to do. My semester at my University started online. But the real struggle of this pandemic is adjusting oneself to a new lifestyle.

I struggle really hard with this. I basically pacified myself with loads of news, which made my mood significantly worse. Which is why I stopped watching so much news and started reading prose. But my back started hurting.

I‘m not quite sure what I really want to tell you. These are the most random thoughts I‘ve put together for a blog post. But I think a lot of you out there have similar issues right now.

To not leave you with this mess of a thought process, I will share some things I want to do in the upcoming week that might make my life more structured:

Taking a walk twice a day (morning and afternoon

  • Taking a walk twice a day
  • Doing five keystone habits for at least 10 minutes per day (e.g. guitar practice)
  • Writing down some thoughts (maybe even as a blog post? Who knows…)

Well. Have a good time and I feel ya!

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