Heir to the Empire (Star Wars Legends) Review

Cover of Heir to the Empire

“All men want power. And the more they have, the more they want.” – Thrawn

Grand Admiral Thrawn, now in charge of the Emperial Fleet, plays a game of chess with the newly found New Republic. Part of the plan seems to be trying to kidnap Leia, her unborn twins and Luke, in order to hand them out to a “dark Jedi”.

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Adjusting to Lockdown-Mode

Well, here I am, within a disastrous event which nobody could have imagined. And the worst part is, it is not even as exciting as books, tv shows and comics told it to be. We are in a global health crisis and it is tremendously boring.

It‘s not that I don‘t have enough things to do. My semester at my University started online. But the real struggle of this pandemic is adjusting oneself to a new lifestyle.

I struggle really hard with this. I basically pacified myself with loads of news, which made my mood significantly worse. Which is why I stopped watching so much news and started reading prose. But my back started hurting.

I‘m not quite sure what I really want to tell you. These are the most random thoughts I‘ve put together for a blog post. But I think a lot of you out there have similar issues right now.

To not leave you with this mess of a thought process, I will share some things I want to do in the upcoming week that might make my life more structured:

Taking a walk twice a day (morning and afternoon

  • Taking a walk twice a day
  • Doing five keystone habits for at least 10 minutes per day (e.g. guitar practice)
  • Writing down some thoughts (maybe even as a blog post? Who knows…)

Well. Have a good time and I feel ya!

Out Of Touch [Short Story]

I can still remember when Jessica and I met for the first time back in 7th grade. She was just as shy as I was and our classmates tried to pick on us. She was the helping hand I needed and I did everything I could to give back accordingly. During our school career we were like peanut butter and jelly, Spongebob and Patrick, Ash and Pikachu; no one could stop us. Jessica and Joanne, the Double-J’s. I was in love with photography and Jessica was the perfect model. People didn’t like her because not only was she humble, sweet and innocent but also the most beautiful girl out there. We always dreamt of our own little advertisement agency. She was supposed to hire models or model herself and I was the artist who gave our creations the life and depth.

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27 January Update

Hi everyone. I made some subtle changes to the blog by changing the theme to something a little more colourful. I also want to experiment with the type of content I publish on this blog. Hope you’ll enjoy it! Today I want to start one of these experiments. I want to give some regular updates on things I learned in the past week(s). Sometimes I stumble upon amazing thoughts and ideas but they don’t end up filling the pages for a huge blog post. So I never tell anyone. But they still remain useful. That’s the idea, sharing small productivity/minimalism hacks.

Here’s a small list of things I changed and/or learned in January:

  • Logging your progress within your digital notebooks is a pretty great tool to not forget half of the things you’re supposed to do (see here for further info)
  • Reading is more fun than watching YouTube
  • Algorithms (like the YouTube algorithm) don’t improve the quality of content, just the quantity
  • Bryan Lunduke (62,000 subscribers on YouTube) stated, that most promotions on social media were a waste of energy and time since his videos with thousands (to Millions) of views will only have about +10 clicks if he promotes them on social media. “Why would anyone stop scrolling through Twitter to watch a video on YouTube?”
  • 10 minutes a day for cleaning will end up saving you hours of extensive work on the weekend (at least if you have a small apartment)

I Challenge You to Clear the Clutter (While Being Lazy)

I cover minimalism on this blog quite a lot. It is almost like I write these articles to myself, to remind me of great advice I should consider. Then I reconsidered whether other content creators I admire do follow their own advice and succeed becoming the best person they strive for, or not. Probably they do a pretty decent job, but they are still human. People mess up. Some mess up quite a lot, some just a bit. But messing up is an inevitable byproduct of growth. You can’t if you don’t mess up and learn from mistakes. Continue reading

What‘s In My Bag – Minimalist Student Edition

I love to take as few items with me as possible. Heavy weight backpacks all day long are not really enjoyable. Glad thing is, we live in the digital age and note-taking has never been as easy. For the most part I don’t even need to write down notes on paper (thanks to English teaching major), but even if I have to because of maths lectures, I do have a handy solution. I want to show you how I deal with university on a day to day basis without the clutter in my backpack.

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