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5 Minimalism Tips to Declutter as a Student

We have the privilege to attend schools. And in order to gain knowledge, we gather loads of worksheets, books, flashcards and course scripts. All this material keeps filling our space, stealing it for things we actually care about. Here are 5 tips on how you can study more deliberately with less paper stuff.

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Media and Minimalism: How Buying Less Can Help You Enjoy More

Is your Steam library filled with games that you bought for $2 but you never had time to play them? Is your bookshelf cluttered with titles that you want to read because you bought them in a sale but again didn’t find the time to spend? Is your watchlist on Amazon Video, Netflix, etc. seemingly endless? I’ve been there. It doesn’t have to be this way. Continue reading

Should You Quit Technology?

We live in a world of instant access to the internet and technology people had dreamed of twenty years ago. Tiny computers are around us all the time and we use them as personal assistants, for communication and to fulfill needs we never knew existed in the first place.

It created a new way of life. And this lifestyle seems to take a lot of our time. When was the last time you saw somebody staring out of the window at a bus ride? When was the last time you didn’t use your phone yourself in that situation? Might this be a sign of a modern epidemic? And shouldn’t we all stop using social media to ensure more fulfilled lives?

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