Avatar – The Rise of Kyoshi Review

As a teenager I eagerly watched Avatar – The Last Airbender as soon as new episodes came out. The magic system, the world building, the character growth, everything about it was special and still holds a dear place within my heart.

This March I watched the entirety of the show with my significant other (and of The Legend of Korra) and I realized how unique and special the series still is. When I figured out that a novel about earth Avatar Kyoshi does exist, I was hyped. And let me tell you, the book does not let you down.

The premise is that the earth kingdom fails to find the next incarnation of the Avatar for seven years. And when they do, it’s Yun (not Kyoshi = not the Avatar). Kyoshi in the meanwhile escapes the struggle she felt since the day her parents abandoned her when she was five years old, when air nomad Kelsang and earth-bending master Jiantzu give her a job as a servant within the mansion of the “Avatar”.

The story that unfolds from here is thrilling, unexpected in a lot of ways and offers lovely characters and a new glance into a fictional world I believed I knew every corner of.

Should you read it? Yes.

5/5 Stars.

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