(Social) Media and Distraction Free Mobile Gadgets – One Week In

This monday I announced that I would delete basically everything from my phone and tablet that would keep me distracted from work (details here). This was pretty much the first week of digital detox and focusing on productivity. During the last seven days I posted a blog article and wrote a song.

Productivity instantly increased and the toxic behaviour of waking up and grabbing my phone until I want coffee more is gone. I feel better. After two days I accustomed to the change of lifestyle and now it‘s time to a) watch more benefits rise up and b) start to form a new morning routine habit.

I outlined a routine and will try to make it a thing, consisting of the following steps:

  1. Brew coffee
  2. Listen to the News and Weather forecast
  3. Check my task list and calendar
  4. Fill my task list and calendar with today‘s goals

I have to confess something, though. Initially I wanted to keep the internet off my mobile devices. But this is not practial, since my workflow relies on a couple of web apps including Laverna (a free and open source Evernote) and Anki Web (a flashcard app). Thus, I installed the Brave browser to my phone and iPad. It‘s not optimal, but I haven‘t started a mindless procrastination YouTube or Reddit session yet, so it should be fine.

A friend of mine also introduced me to his way of productivity which involves his Amazon Alexa AI. He basically schedules his entire work-day with it, sets reminders and makes sure he doesn’t forget things. This sounds promising, which is, why I will try it out.

One thought on “(Social) Media and Distraction Free Mobile Gadgets – One Week In

  1. Deleting all my social media was the best decision I ever made! At first I just got rid of FB and Twitter, but recently I also got rid of Instagram and Snapchat, and have zero regrets! I’m also way more productive and interactive with the world around me, and it’s been amazing! Great post:)


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