Do-Not-Disturb Mode = Freedom

Digital Detox is a buzz word that is supposed to help you get your habits checked in place. Problem with it is that after you’re done, you go back to the service and slowly the algorithms and notifications creep back into your life until it is necessary to do it all over again. It almost feels like the German title of “Edge of Tomorrow”: Live, Die, Repeat. I’m fed up with it. So I thought really hard (about half a minute) and turned that buzzing vibrating piece of glass on do-not-disturb mode. And gone is everything evil.

The phone is supposed to be a small little device which you can be called with. But then texting became a thing and nowadays people feel like you have to write them all the time while – at the same time – not contributing to any interesting or significant conversation that will help any of parties chatting. And why would they? Life is boring most of the time and that’s a good thing. So why not spice down everything a little. Do-not-disturb modes on phones – if correctly set-up – cancel all incoming sounds and buzzes of messages and other notifications except phone calls of YOUR contacts. This is just delightful. You don’t hear your phone any more. If there is an urgency, people can call. But most of the time there isn’t, so the glass computer remains silent and dark. Most of the time I forget where I’ve put it and often I decide to not go looking for it. At some point I will just stumble into it in my house. I just remain calm and happy. Nice.

I didn’t do this as some sort of big challenge. One day I was just really fed up with too many messages all at once, making my head explode. People just bombard you with messages and most of the time it does not require immediate action. So with one click of a button everything improved slowly over time. Friends and family adapted and I’ve just lived my life more focused by a change that is so surprisingly simple that I feel stupid writing this article. But may the glory of the do-not-disturb button improve your life as well.

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