About Regaining Focus

Ambitions and motivation are the fuel that start our engines of progress. Initially, we set course to new destinations and aspire to become the person we always wanted to be – or at least a better version. But life doesn’t work linear. Over time our excitement decreases. And often, life throws stuff at us to block our path. Doesn’t matter if it is about the death or illness of a close friend or family member, falling in love, breaking up, being stressed out by work/college/people/things. The result is still the same. We lose focus.

Especially in difficult situations, we tend to lose our goals out of sight because the individual situation requires special attention. But after we did our best, we look back and discover to be in the middle of a personal journey. We wanted to achieve this special thing. But now it is too late, is it?

It’s never too late. Even if the cadence still impacts you, a little self-improvement might give you the energy you need to be more content.

I guess, it’s time to start over again then, right? Well. Sometimes the best option is to just keep on going from where you left off. Ever read a book halfway through and then started from scratch after a couple of weeks ditching it? Ever finished it? No? Read the last couple of pages and go on from there. Much better. You probably still know the important stuff.

If you didn’t go on a run for a couple of days or even one to two weeks, your body will not have changed entirely. You might not be ready to start on the level you left off. But again, starting over is probably not the answer either.

But most importantly: Just go on. Progress requires actions, no matter how big or small these are.

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