Raspberry Pi 3 as an eco-friendly Desktop? 30 Day Challenge

I do love challenges. They inspire you to leave your comfort zone in order to explore new aspects about the world we live in. In the recent years, it became apparent that climate change is happening rather fast. In order to stop it, some groups call for green energy through solar panels and other sources. But to be honest, it doesn’t stop there. What does it matter if more energy comes from greener sources if more energy is drained. Unless power is 100% eco-friendly there’s an incosistency.

I truly believe that a rather important factor is reducing energy consumption. Computers, for instance, can nowadays be run with low power CPUs (if they are ARM-based). To give you an idea about the dimensions we are talking about: a regular office desktop PC consumes about 200 W/h. This does not include bloated websites, video games and other power-hungry things, which would definitely increase the consumption even further. If you exchange the desktop PC with a Raspberry Pi 3B, you will need about 15 W/h (only if the Pi runs at full capacity). A regular PC uses roughly 13 times more than a Raspberry Pi 3!

It gets even better. I own a solar panel charger, which allows me to recharge my portable battery pack. The Raspberry Pi 3 needs 5V and at least 1.5A. My battery pack supports an output of 5V and 2.4A. I can and will power my Pi, with green energy, completely off-grid (except for the screen, of course). But I never lived computing only with my Pi. Is it even possible to replace a power hungry beast of a machine with a tiny little single-board computer? That’s where the challenge comes in.

For the month of August, I will only use my Raspberry Pi 3 for Desktop PC work (office, mails, browsing, YouTube, games) and my phone if I’m out and about (runs an ARM processor too, so it should be fine).

I know that you could use a Pi 3 as a desktop replacement in theory. But will there be drawbacks that I don’t see right now? Let’s find out!

I will keep you updated about my progress from time to time and give some insights in my upcomming workflow.

One thing I want to share right now is my current set-up. (I made the Raspbian Desktop look pretty and want to share that with you!)

Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-08-02 07-53-18

Wallpaper can be found here (I made a screenshot of the animated one though): https://www.deviantart.com/axiomdesign/art/Highway-Animated-Wallpaper-4k-3840×2160-736317428


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