Should You Quit Technology?

We live in a world of instant access to the internet and technology people had dreamed of twenty years ago. Tiny computers are around us all the time and we use them as personal assistants, for communication and to fulfill needs we never knew existed in the first place.

It created a new way of life. And this lifestyle seems to take a lot of our time. When was the last time you saw somebody staring out of the window at a bus ride? When was the last time you didn’t use your phone yourself in that situation? Might this be a sign of a modern epidemic? And shouldn’t we all stop using social media to ensure more fulfilled lives?

No. Social media is not the evil thing lurking behind the corner, sucking out the very last bit of attention we have. Even further, social media and modern technology improved a lot of things. The actual problem is our way of using these tools.

I’m sitting in the train right now, writing this article on my phone. Other people also stare down at their screens, snapchatting, posting to instagram and other services, constantly scrolling for the next “funny” joke that doesn’t make them laugh and is forgotten seconds afterwards. They do this extensively. I used to and sometimes still do.

And this needs to stop. Don’t do things that do not improve your life. Are these pictures of cats improving your life? If so, go ahead and enjoy the entertainment. If not, think about how you can improve your life right now. Being more conscious about our lives is essential.

You always wanted to become a writer? What is stopping you from doing this? You literally have the tools right in front of you. You don’t need to write books to bring joy to other people’s lives. Write an essay/blogpost like I do. You always wanted to try acting? Look up some cool places to learn the skill you’re looking for. You could also structure your calendar or to-do list. The world is in your hand and you can make a difference right now. When you do, please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Should You Quit Technology?

  1. Well said. There are so many benefits of technology. I get frustrated when it is only used for entertainment. Teens can look at youtube videos of zits being popped on their phones, but they can also apply for jobs, scholarships, check bank accounts, or their college/school website, etc. and enter events and due dates in calendars so they won’t forget, and look up things they don’t know. When my kids don’t use their phones for practical things but are on them all the time and then miss things because “I didn’t know” or “I forgot” or “I didn’t know what to do” — that drives me crazy! They have the world wide web in their hands. They can text or seatch for an answer and put reminder alerts on their phones, but they don’t. It’s more of a numbing distraction, like a mobile over a baby’s crib. So I agree, people should not quit technology, but should use it to assist them, in addition to the entertainment value it provides. People make movies, write books, music, network, find jobs abd schools, read and research and connect on their phones, without going anywhere.

    They can also watch zits being popped, for hours, and miss a scholarship deadline. Don’t ask me how I know.


    1. Thank you for you comment! I completely agree with everything you say. As a young teacher I see kids doing the same exact thing you described


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